"Every citizen has a moral obligation to
 object to bad laws."
- Wayne Cryts
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Grabs your attention from the beginning,
Reviewer: K. Isaac (Missouri)

It grabs your attention from beginning to end. It is packed with emotion and is easy to read and understand. Everyone should enjoy this book.

Excellent--Kept My Attention
Reviewer:Renee (MO)
This book shows an insight into the life of the American farmer and the hardships he encounters. It is hard to believe that someone would have to go through all that Wayne Cryts did to get back what was his private property all along. The book was entertaining and informative. It was also very easy to read. I couldn't put the book down.

Emotional, Dramatic, Heartwarming - A "Must Read"
Reviewer: LOLA (MO)
Unbelievable what this man and his family had to go through. An average, honest, hard working farmer who was just trying to make a living and the government wanted to take it all away. A member of the "silent majority" who stood up for his rights against all odds with honor, pride, and determination. You will love this book from start to finish. Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down. It is an absolutely outstanding, true story of an individual you would be proud to know.

Hats Off
Reviewer: Carolyn (MO)
Hats off to Wayne Cryts and his family for their courage and perseverance in jeopardizing their livelihood to see that an injustice was righted to help so many others. Well written, intriguing......a book you can't put down once you start it. A must read!

Courage Indeed!
Reviewer: Susie (Missouri)
Courage indeed, this one man had it for the whole United States! You just have to read this to really understand the trials Wayne Cryts and his family went through and the courage it took to change a horribly unjust law.

A Passion for the American farmer
Reviewer: KMiller (TN)
Having been raised on a farm, I am very aware of the many challenges, obstacles, and difficulties the American farmers have to encounter or overcome. The criminal charges and punishment that was enforced to Mr. Cryts was disheartening and alarming. This book is a must read that you won't want to put down. It will enhance your passion and desire to rally for the American farmer. We all need to ask ourselves the question, where would we be without them?


Recalling Ristine: Wayne Cryts recounts his stand against government in new book
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